Friday, June 6, 2014

Team Skyye at Instructors' Seminar

Team Skyye was fully represented at the Raasa Instructors' Seminar today. The Recreation Aviation Administration South Africa is an umbrella body which carries out delegated functions of the Civil Aviation Authority and overseas Part 62 pilot training flight schools, such as ours.

The aim of the regular seminars is to enhance the training skills of flight instructors and the "roadshow" is held at different centres in South Africa by Raasa to improve safety of pilots in the air.

Problem areas addressed today included identifying and correcting situational awareness problems many students may experience, and their ability to make positive decisions if something goes wrong, as well as placing more emphasis on human factors that can limit pilot responsiveness and to encourage pilots to stay on the ground in adverse conditions. 

Durban Skyye CEO Dave (left) with Raasa Operations Manager Pierre (2nd left), Durban Skyye CFI Brad (middle) and speakers Johan and Chris (right)

Durban Skyye CEO Dave (left) with Raasa CEO Neil (right) and  Raasa Operations Manager Pierre (middle)

Delicious lunch at Emoyeni
 The Seminar was held at Emoyeni Lodge, one of the airfields in the Cato Ridge area with accommodation and excellent food.

Safety paramount

Thanks Raasa for coming down from Johannesburg as well as the experts from other parts of South Africa to help keep safety standards paramount in our Instructors' and students' minds.

Durban Skyye Instructor Kyle (left) and CFI Brad (right) engage the Rassa team over lunch on some of the issues facing the aviation industry today

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