Friday, January 23, 2015

Microlight licence

Our Chief Flying Instructor Brad has been flying non-stop with UK student Bill Tomlinson, out for a short 3 weeks to earn his microlight licence (NPL - WCM .. weight-shift microlight) with Durban Skyye Flight School - Durban's only flight school offering both NPL (light sport aircraft and microlight) as well as PPL licences.

Our CFI Brad (back) with Bill in our flight school microlight

Bill flies the microlight along the Durban beachfront

Seen from above

Not everyone has the good fortune to be able to pursue their dreams, and not everyone takes the bull by the horns to go about fulfilling those dreams.. not Bill Fereday who has taken up a lifelong ambition to fly with Durban Skyye Flight School. Welcome Bill and here's to many happy hours flying.

Bill at the flight controls of our Sling fixed wing aircraft FYA

Instructor Dave and Director of the Flight School

Beautiful photo of Durban's Stadium at the wing-tip of our flight school aircraft

The city and harbour in the background as we zoom along the coast seawards of the Bluff

Durban's Bluff with the harbour taken from 1000 ft

Afternoon makes great flying

The setting sun provides a great backdrop and offers a cooler breeze as our National Flight Instructor, Dave, puts student Bill through his paces as he takes up a life-long ambition to become a pilot.

Bill (right) in the pilot's seat as Dave instructs

Umhlanga lighthouse from 500ft as we head north

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Left forces in play on take-off

Accelerating down the runway, one needs to apply right rudder to keep the plane on the centre line. Here's why - click on this link.

The spiralling slip-stream from the propeller strikes the left side of the tail and pushes the tail right and the aircraft heads left unless right rudder is applied - one of the 4 "left-forces" in lay during the take-off run

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Durban Skyye

A view from our Flight School Sling light sport aircraft which we use to train our NPL and PPL students.. breathtaking views over the rolling hills of KwaZulu-Natal, our training ground. In the photo is our NPL student Frederico who aims to obtain his licence this month.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Managing the aircraft stall speed

Potentially a time when the stall speed of aircraft increases as you bank the aircraft to turn for landing, here's some tips avoiding disaster when you're at this low height.. (click on the link)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The freedom of the skyye

Enjoying the freedom of the skyye are these potential pilots in our microlights with our highly skilled instructors Brad and Kyle as they soar over the Durban beachfront. To book your flight either click on the online booking link or call us on 082 820 4840.

Umhlanga beach and lighthouse

Our Flight Instructor Kyle gets ready for another flight

Stunning views of Umhlanga beach from 500 ft above the waves