Monday, April 13, 2015

Virginia Airport

Our Flight School is based at Virginia Airport, a picturesque setting alongside the beach.. stunning scenery as we fly in and out of this little airport so close to our homes here. 
The runway 05/23 at Virginia Airport

The Oyster Box hotel with the Umhlanga Lighthouse in front of it

Durban's sunrise

Nothing beats the tranquility and the first rays of sunshine over our city, as Brad takes the flight school microlight up into the Durban skyye for some breathtaking photos.

Our golden mile

Close-up of Durban's Moses Mabhida Stadium

The Umgeni River flows into the Indian Ocean, seen shortly after take-off from Virginia Airport

Brad in selfie mode with Liesl - doesn't his face look like the Scary movie mask?

Queen Mary 2 in Durban

Our Chief Flying Instructor, Brad, was up early this morning to catch the Queen Mary 2 docking in Durban as part of her world tour, sailing this week along the South African coast to Cape Town.

He took to the skyye in our flight school microlight CCL to take these beautiful shots.

The Queen Mary 2 docked at Durban's port terminal

It's sunrise and another glorious day in Durban - our best time of the year to be flying with clear skyyes and little rain

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The way to go

Herschel put her fears aside and took to the skyye with Dave in our flight school Sling aircraft as she contemplates getting her pilot's licence. Go Herschel Go!!

Life in the skyye

Durban Skyye CEO and National Flight Instructor (Light Sport Aircraft - LSA) Dave (left) takes Gordon on his first flight in our flight school Sling Aircraft FYA.

Durban Skyye

A new day dawns over Durban.. waiting for the hum of our aircraft in the skyye!!

Our flight school Sling aircraft - a two seater with dual flight controls.. perfect for training

Brandon's students

Our newly qualified National Flight Instructor (WCM - weight-shift controlled microlight) Brandon takes his first students for a flight over Durban.

Llew completes his solo x-country

Our PPL student Llewellyn feeling chuffed with himself after completing his solo navigation exercise.. a cross-country flight from Virginia to Pietermaritzburg and Richards Bay on his way to finishing his pilot's licence with Durban Skyye. 

Llewellyn lands safely back at Virginia Airport in our Sling aircraft ZDL