Saturday, June 7, 2014

Durban Skyye at the Pietermaritzburg Airshow

What a stunning day to be in the air. We were up by 7.20am on a flight plan to Pietermaritzburg for the airshow there today. Crystal clear air and sky and temps cool but warmed up beautifully during the day.

Dave shows ZDL in the Durban Skyye branding with The Airplane Factory, both represented at the Pietermaritzburg Airshow

The prestige Silver Falcons

Formation flying by the Silver Falcons

Pietermaritzburg Airport, one of the venues for the KZN Winter AirShow tour

Dave and Llewellyn enjoying the Airshow and doing some marketing

Putting on a good display at the Pietermaritzburg Airshow

Durban Skyye and the Sling Airplane Factory represented at the airshow

Llew and I waiting for a departure slot towards the end of the Airshow

The Eagle bi-planes - the same type as I flew over Long Beach earlier last month

The view over Durban this morning at 7.30am - lovely clear sky and smooth air

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