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1. For Sale: Sling LSA R720 000,00 or Syndicate 1/4 shares R185 000,00 see below for details

2. For Sale: Bushbaby Explorer taildragger R750 000,00 or Syndicate 1/2 share R420 000,00 Click on this link for details

1. Our Flight School Sling FYA is for sale either outright or in syndicate shares as we update our fleet. It requires either an NPL or PPL licence to fly.

Sling ZU-FYA for sale at R720 000,00 or in quarter syndicate shares

FYA flies at crusing IAS 110 kts
 Here are the specs:
TT on airframe, engine, and prop: +-1250 Hours
ENGINE: Rotax 912ULS 100HP
PROP: Warp Drive prop fixed pitch
EXTERIOR: Silver 10/10 with red stripes
INTERIOR: Grey/Red leather 10/10
FACTORY built and flight school registered
for training purposes, Serial # 122
TOE BRAKES dual and full dual controls
AUX electric fuel pump
75l FUEL tank - 3 1/2 hours endurance 95 unleaded mogas

MGL Efis with SD card - load route from PC or onscreen 
Garmin radio
Transponder equipped
Large Backup ASI and Altimeter
Elevator trim on stick
Cigarette lighter jack
4-stage Electric Flap push-buttons
MGL headsets

Canopy cover
All plugs and pitot cover
Sun visor/covers

View at Virginia Airport
Contact Dave 083-7033329 or email

Another student congratulated on achieving his NPL pilot's licence
Interior of FYA

Mod leather trim and dash

1. Will not be used by the flight school but for the private use of the owners;
2. Fixed expenses to share are Hangarage (R2200 pm - Virginia Airport) and Insurance (R1800 pm)
3. Maintenance +- R4500 every 100 hours. The owners will establish a pay-as-you-fly levy so that owners who fly more than others will compensate the others if their use relative to the others is disproportionate and those who fly more will therefore contribute more towards maintenance.
Aircraft Financing  

Financing of second-hand aircraft is possible through Standard Bank as well as some other financial institutions.

The criteria for financing are as follows: (See Standard Bank website here)

Non-Type Certified Aircraft - ZU registered aircraft:
  • The aircraft must be 5 years old or younger;
  • There must be more than 10 of a aircraft type registered at the SACAA;
  • The aircraft must be assembled by the local distributor that is approved at the Civil Aviation Authority. We will not consider homebuilt kits;
  • 20% deposit is required;
  • VAT can be funded but must be paid back into the agreement in month four of the repayment plan;
  • Maximum repayment period is 60 months
  • No Residual Values;
  • Aircraft are financed on a Micro-light Instalment sale agreement
  • The aircraft must be comprehensively insured for full flight cover for the duration of the finance period.

Information Required on the Aircraft

For valuation purposes and initial application to credit:
Copy of the Aircraft specification sheet, which must include the following:
  • Aircraft Type
  • Year of manufacture
  • Aircraft registration number and serial number
  • Latest airframe hours
  • Engine hours since major overhaul
  • List of additional avionics
  • Damage history
  • For brand new aircraft we merely require a copy of the purchase agreement between the client and the supplier.
  • Copy of the pro-forma invoice
  • If the aircraft will be used to generate income, please provide a copy of the operating contract or utilisation agreement.

Prior to payout:

  • Copy of Certificate of Registration
  • Copy of Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Copy of latest Certificate of Release to Service
  • Copy of aircraft Radio Licence
  • Letter confirming who will conduct the maintenance on the aircraft with the relevant AMO number stated on this letter.
  • Certificate of insurance which must include the following:
    • Standard Bank to be noted as First loss payee
    • Standard Bank to be noted as Additional Insured
    • Breach of Warranty AVN28B/AVN67 B in favour of Standard Bank.
    • Insurance to include LSW555C/D
    • All geographical areas of operation and uses of aircraft must be covered.
  • If Second hand, copy of airframe and engine log books first and last page to confirm the hours on the aircraft specification sheet originally provided as well as the serial numbers.
  • Invoice (made out to the client NOT Standard Bank)

Alternative finance also available throught Aircraft Finance Corporation.

Dave on 083-7033329 or will take you through the finance process for finance on our selected new or second-hand Sling aircraft for sale.

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