Sunday, June 29, 2014

Scenes from our Open Day

Our scholars Open Day at Durban Skyye Flight School on Saturday.. a chance to introduce the thrill of flight, our incredible flying machines and our instructors to the local schools and visitors.

Instructor Johnny introduces Stephen to our Sling LSA at the Open Day yesterday

British Airways honoured our Open Day with a dramatic fly-past overhead with the massive Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger airliner

Matt and Lyell enjoyed a microlight flight along the Durban beachfront

Flight School CEO Dave at our Kiosk in the main Concourse of Virginia Airport 

Mark (left) with Dad Dave go for a flight over Umhlanga

Durban Skyye are the Agents for the Johannesburg manufactured Sling Aircraft and have two Slings on the School register

Dean was given a tour of the Flight School and checked out our planes

Taylan won a free flight in our microlight competition draw

Flight School Instructor Kyle takes off with Matt for an Intro Flight

Our Chief Flying Instructor Brad in the air with Lyell

Flight School CEO Dave (Left) with our PPL Chief Flying Instructor Keith. Durban Skyye have applied for additional training to enable us to issue both NPL and PPL licences

Our Flight School Sling ZDL with microlight CCL in the background

Matthew and Bruce try out the comfortable leather seats of the Sling

Our Sling "Yankee" with registration FYA and Matthew and Bruce (right)

Mark in the skyye over Umhlanga

Ian left celebrates his 21st birthday today and joined us for the Open Day

Our flight school Sling ZDL

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Open Day this Sat 28 Jun 9am - 2pm

The skyye's no limit when you start your aviation career with Durban Skyye Flight School. Our Open Day this Saturday is your chance to come and get a taste of freedom and the thrill of earning your Pilot's Licence. Come and meet our highly experienced and qualified instructors, see our aeroplanes and find out how you can start your licence today. Whether you're aiming for a recreational microlight or light sport aircraft licence or want to become an Airline Transport Pilot, your training can start with us. For R600 (microlight) or R850 (fixed wing) you can also enjoy an Intro Flight over the Durban or Umhlanga beachfront and see what the buzz is all about. All flight time is credited towards your licence if you decide you would like to start your training. You can either bring cash or book online on our website here.

What is hour-building?

Most budding airline pilots do not have the funds to pay for the training costs to get to the level where they qualify as an Airline Transport Pilot.

They usually get their Commercial Pilot Licence then work for a company, often a charter company taking guests to Game Lodges or reserves around Africa, and in doing so get paid whilst they are logging up hours or "hour-building" as the industry terms it, so that they gain the requisite number of hours to qualify for the higher licence.

Get paid while you fly

In this way you get paid while you fly instead of paying for your flying hours. All of these logged hours count towards your next licence. To become an Airline Transport Pilot you need a minimum of 1500 hours. This could cost you near R2mil if you had to pay for them yourself, but by working and logging hours you can get your licence to pay for its own way.

1500 hours required:

(a) 500 hours must be pilot-in-command-under-supervision; or
(b) 250 hours must be as pilot-in-command, of which up to 150 hours may be pilot-incommand-under-supervision; and
(c) 200 hours must be cross-country flight time, of which 100 hours may be as co-pilot or pilot-in-command-under-supervision;
(d) 75 hours must be instrument time, of which not more than 30 hours may be acquired in a flight simulation training device (FSTD) approved for the purpose;and
(e) 100 hours shall be night flight time as pilot-in-command or as co-pilot.

NPL Training Credit

You can claim a credit of 30 hours gained while doing your NPL licence with Durban Skyye Flight School towards this total.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Beautiful winter flying

Nothing can beat a weekend in the Durban Skyye in winter..

Our twin microlights with Instructors Kyle (foreground) and Brad (background) ready to roll.

Bianca enjoying the thrill

Happy Birthday John. John has already got 30 hours some years ago towards his licence and is thinking of renewing his drive to get it finished.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Pilot Open day at Durban Skyye Sat 28 June

We're having an open day for budding pilots on Sat 28th June with talks on aviation careers and recreational flying on microlights as well as fixed wing aeroplanes. Scholars, particularly Grades 10, 11 and 12 are all welcome to enter our win a free flight competition with the draw taking place on site at Virginia Airport at 12 noon on the day.

We have 4 planes in the school and whether you are just interested in aviation or want to make a career as an airpline pilot, take your first step and come and see us in action at Virginia Airport. 

CAA invite to Aviators 22 July 6pm

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Virginia Controlled Airspace

Beautiful panorama pic of Durban harbour and beachfront. The harbour mouth is a compulsory reporting point for aircraft travelling to or from Virginia airport, our home base, and the south. 

Special Rules routes

To maintain separation between aircraft those flying in fly at 1500ft above the sea, and those flying out at 1000ft following a special rules set of routes. This helps avoid collisions between aircraft in the air. 

The harbour mouth is also the air "boundary" of the Virginia Airport controlled airspace so coming to Virginia you would change radio frequency at this point and fall under the Air Traffic Controller's (ATC) jurisdiction.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dave's United States SeaPlane and Pilot licence issued

The mail today brought my United States Pilot's Licence, issued for both land and sea operations after completing my Sea Rating there last month. "Whist Airman Certificates in the United States have been printed on paper since 1926, the century of extraordinary accomplishments in powered flight is now represented by a bold new look printed on composite plastic" smart cards, according to the accompanying letter. "The front of the card depicts the qualities of the human spirit that made the first controlled powered flight, in the 1903 Wright Flyer, a reality. The back of the card depicts Wilbur and Orville Wright and the 1902 Wright Glider. The hologram of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) seal, coloured graphics and other features make this certificate worthy of the Civil Aviation Registry's efforts to celebrate aviation and help chart the next century of flight."

"We hope you will carry your certificate with pride as it represents your accomplishments and privileges and our commitment to the aviation community", the letter concludes.

Woo hoo!! Thanks guys, really appreciated and I am very proud of the card and everything it represents.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Aircraft Navigation Lights

To make sure that aircraft are visible in the air to other pilots, navigation lights in white, green and red are used to help determine whether a plane is coming towards you or going away from you or crossing from one side to the other in front of you. This can be quite deceptive especially if you are flying at night.

Similar lighting is used for shipping, the light on the left (or Port) side of the ship or aircraft wing being red and that on the right (or Starboard) side of the ship or aircraft wing being green.

Therefore if you see lights in front of you, green on the left of the object and red on the right, the object is coming towards you and you need to take evasive action by turning to the right. The lighting is also screened as set out in the figure so that the different colours are not all seen at the same time potentially confusing you. If the aircraft was crossing from left to right in front of you, you should therefore see only the green light initially followed by the white tail light as the aircraft passes by. 

Many aircraft also now have bright flashing strobe lights to alert you to the aircraft's position earlier.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Durban Skyye at the Pietermaritzburg Airshow

What a stunning day to be in the air. We were up by 7.20am on a flight plan to Pietermaritzburg for the airshow there today. Crystal clear air and sky and temps cool but warmed up beautifully during the day.

Dave shows ZDL in the Durban Skyye branding with The Airplane Factory, both represented at the Pietermaritzburg Airshow

The prestige Silver Falcons

Formation flying by the Silver Falcons

Pietermaritzburg Airport, one of the venues for the KZN Winter AirShow tour

Dave and Llewellyn enjoying the Airshow and doing some marketing

Putting on a good display at the Pietermaritzburg Airshow

Durban Skyye and the Sling Airplane Factory represented at the airshow

Llew and I waiting for a departure slot towards the end of the Airshow

The Eagle bi-planes - the same type as I flew over Long Beach earlier last month

The view over Durban this morning at 7.30am - lovely clear sky and smooth air

Friday, June 6, 2014

Team Skyye at Instructors' Seminar

Team Skyye was fully represented at the Raasa Instructors' Seminar today. The Recreation Aviation Administration South Africa is an umbrella body which carries out delegated functions of the Civil Aviation Authority and overseas Part 62 pilot training flight schools, such as ours.

The aim of the regular seminars is to enhance the training skills of flight instructors and the "roadshow" is held at different centres in South Africa by Raasa to improve safety of pilots in the air.

Problem areas addressed today included identifying and correcting situational awareness problems many students may experience, and their ability to make positive decisions if something goes wrong, as well as placing more emphasis on human factors that can limit pilot responsiveness and to encourage pilots to stay on the ground in adverse conditions. 

Durban Skyye CEO Dave (left) with Raasa Operations Manager Pierre (2nd left), Durban Skyye CFI Brad (middle) and speakers Johan and Chris (right)

Durban Skyye CEO Dave (left) with Raasa CEO Neil (right) and  Raasa Operations Manager Pierre (middle)

Delicious lunch at Emoyeni
 The Seminar was held at Emoyeni Lodge, one of the airfields in the Cato Ridge area with accommodation and excellent food.

Safety paramount

Thanks Raasa for coming down from Johannesburg as well as the experts from other parts of South Africa to help keep safety standards paramount in our Instructors' and students' minds.

Durban Skyye Instructor Kyle (left) and CFI Brad (right) engage the Rassa team over lunch on some of the issues facing the aviation industry today

Monday, June 2, 2014

Free Microlight Flight for scholar

We're running a free competition through Durban Schools for a microlight flight at our Open Day on Sat 28th June, the first day of the winter school holidays (it's really still summer in Durban!).

You can download the entry form here or simply send us an email subject headed FREE FLIGHT ENTRY with your name, email address and cellphone number and we will add you in the draw. The winner does not have to be present to claim his or her free prize. A parent's consent and indemnity for the winner under 18 years of age will be needed. This could be the start of your aviation career or sport flying in either a microlight or our sexy Sling airplane. 

Durban Skyye Flight School training microlight ZU-CCL over the Durban beachfront

Fly your Dad for Fathers' Day: Sun 15 June

Looking for the perfect way to spoil your Dad and give him a thrill this Fathers' Day, Sun 15 June 2014?

Get yourself one of our special Fathers' Day Gift vouchers that entitles him to experience the thrill and taste of flight over Durban's beachfront, Umhlanga or both.

Prices are R600 for a 20 min flight along Durban's Golden Mile beachfront, or R850 for a 30 min flight that takes in the Durban beachfront and Umhlanga - maybe your Dad has always wanted to enjoy the freedom of the skyye and this is his chance!

You can get your gift voucher by clicking on the payment button to the right on our website, or email or phone us and you can print out the Gift Voucher once your payment has been made. Full Pilot Training options are available.