About Us

Dave's flight school was borne of a passion for flight and a need to bring lower cost aviation training to the city. The flight school is based at Virginia Airport right alongside the beach and is the first flight school to be approved for microlight and light sport aircraft training in Durban.

Dave (left) with Llewellyn in our flight school Sling aircraft

Dave CEO

Dave Mc Naught is a businessman and lawyer and acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the Flight School. He served as Deputy Mayor of the City of Durban and is passionate about the city and the incredible splendour of our beachfront and Durban Skyye - hence the name of the flight school. Dave took up his yearning to fly only in the past few year. Dave holds an NPL (LSA) licence as well as his PPL, night rating and NPL Instructor's Rating (Grade C LSA)

Brad congratulates Dave on his NPL licence in 2011. In the background is Dave's plane, a Sling aircraft made by The Airplane Factory in Johannesburg.

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