Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Clear Durban Skyye

Pilot Student Greg takes to the skyye over Durban in training for his licence.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sling Trainer ZDF

Durban Skyye Flight School has updated it's training aircraft to a new Sling Trainer ZDF. Here CEO Dave Mc Naught poses with the plane in it's new flight school branding. Recalls Dave - "When I was first learning to fly I needed confidence in the aircraft I was training with so I felt it important to have modern aircraft to train in and with the latest updated technology. The Sling trainer has a touch-screen computer EFIS (electonic flight instrument system) as well as backup standard instruments.

Beautiful scenery

Instructor Dave in the Durban Skyye

Durban's Umhlanga coastline from 800 feet

Student pilot enjoyed his first lesson

Passing Durban's Stadium

Air Experience Certificate to our new student

Umhlanga Lighthouse

Durban beachfront and piers

Returning to Virginia after a good day flying

A bit windswept but she enjoyed learning to fly our Sling aircraft