Saturday, September 27, 2014

Navigation Rally

Congrats to Dave and his Student Tashvir on winning the Navigation Rally today in our Flight School Sling FYA. This involved a two hour flight from Virginia to various landmark waypoints on the map.

In the last pic they are working out the route headings and timing to be able to get to the landmark waypoints in the allotted times. A tracking device accompanies the plane so that a log of their flight can be checked. No turns more than 90 deg can be made so the pilots need to fly accurately to each point on the map without the use of the GPS.

Dave and his student with their winning certificates

Calculating compass headings, distances to fly and ground speed needed to get to the waypoints on time. This means the speed of the aircraft has to be adjusted in the air depending on whether there is a headwind or crosswind so as to reach each point as planned.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

East Coast Radio day at Durban Skyye

We had a thrilling East Coast Radio day at the Flight School, with Cameron Claassens, Gabe Sithole, Michael Zuma and Mak Dlamini - the first time I have been 500 ft in the air, said one! 

And it was a chance for our ECR team to see the east coast from above and taste the freedom of flight in our microlights... "the closest you will get to feel what it is to be a bird" said Brad our Chief Flying Instructor. 

In the foreground our CFI Brad with Cameron Claassens of East Coast Radio

"And it's just this seat-belt holding me in?", asks Cameron

A thumbs up for his first flight above 500 ft from the ECR guys

A see a GoPro movie in the making as the ECR team take to the east coast skyye!!

Let's do this!!
 The ECR boys enjoying the view from 500 ft along the beachfront. Our 20 min Intro Flight costs R600 and takes you from Virginia past the Durban Stadium and Golden Mile to the Harbour and back, and the R850 30 min flight adds the Umhlanga beachfront and Lighthouse to the trip - all thrills and even whale spotting! Book online on our website by clicking on the online bookings tab or phone 083-7033329.

Our Chief Flying Instructor Brad with ECR Cameron Claassens

Landing back at Virginia Airport - if you take the M4 from the City or Umhlanga, take the Virginia turnoff to find the Airport. Our offices are first on the left as you walk through the main doors. We are often up in the air and the office not manned, so give us a call on 083-7033329 or book online.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Theuns takes to the skyye

Our new National Flight Instructor Dave (left) takes his first Student Theuns on his initial flight at the controls of our Sling aircraft in the skyye over Durban. You too can take you first step towards obtaining your Pilot's licence - give us a ring or email me for a quote -
Thumbs-up from Theuns on his first training flight

Durban harbour and the city from 1500 ft returning from training to Virginia

The cockpit of the Sling with onboard computer and EFIS giving GPS, flight and engine information at your fingertips

Durban in miniature from the Pilot's point of view

Our Sling training aircraft FYA lands at Virginia

Dave who is also CEO of the Flight School enjoys a celebratory glass of wine after his own personal first flight as an Instructor since qualifying recently.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Radio Course bookings open - starts this Tuesday

Fun times at Skyye

We're an unusual blend of fixed wing aeroplanes and microlights, but the formula is working and our Skyye is growing. Enjoying some fun in the Skyye today..

Kirsty gets ready for her intro flight with our Chief Flying Instructor, Brad

Brad is getting good with his selfies

Another selfie of the captains of the flight school - CEO Dave (Left) and CFI Vrad (right)

Daniel is fact-finding to get his career in aviation and his Pilot's Licence under way

Gary gives a thumbs up for his first microlight flight with Brad

Choosing the runway according to the wind direction - 23 it is going to be

Brad gets a pilot's view from the Cessna Citation Sovereign - $19 mil

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Airport Approach Lighting Systems

Part of the training for a Commercial Pilot's Licence or Night Rating includes understanding the different lighting systems in operation at airports. Pictured here is a Category 1 precision approach lighting system which features a 900m stretch of lighting before you get to the start of the runway (threshhold). It features a line of lights in the direction of the runway, and crossbars, and the lights are white, varying in intensity as you get closer to the threshhold for landing. In the closest 300m the line comprises a single line of lights, in the next 300m there is a double line of lights and in the furthest 300m there is a triple line of lights.

Green threshhold lights

The beginning of the runway or threshhold is marked by a crossbar of green lights and the end of the runway is marked by a crossbar of red lights.

In poor visibility a pilot may not land the aircraft unless he has the runway or approach lights in sight when he reaches the minimum decision height which is generally about 200 ft above the runway surface, otherwise he needs to do a missed approach, taking off without landing and going around. Many accidents have been caused by pilots landing without having clearly identified the runway in misty conditions and the lighting systems are intended to make identification clearer. 

King Shaka Airport

In the photo below you can see King Shaka International Airport's approach lights at night in a slightly different configuration. The lines of lights on ether side of the centre line from the green threshhold bar (start of the runway) extending into the runway indicate the touchdown zone. The two bars of lights on either side of the runway adjacent to the touchdown zone are the Papi (Precision Approach Path Indicator) lights... when the two outer lights are white and the two inner lights are red, you are on the correct glide slope for the landing, whereas more red lights will show you are too low and more white lights will show you are too high.

King Shaka International runway lights at night

An illustration of PAPI lights 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Durban Skyye in Shanghai and South Korea

I spent the last few days in Shanghai and Busan, South Korea, with my kids Mark, and Kate-Lynn who is presently spending a year teaching English to Koreans there.

And Durban Skyye was there!!

Durban Skyye Flight School at Gwangali beach, Busan, South Korea

Durban Skyye viewing the amazing Shanghai skyline

My son mark and I in Shanghai, China this week

The Shanghai skyline from the sky-bar at the Indigo Hotel

My daughter Kate-Lynn enjoying the beach and Gwangan (Diamond) bridge view near where she lives in Busan, South Korea

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Durban Skyye style

Our first and only (so far) female student pilot Chantelle shows some style in her uniform as she prepares for training in our Flight School Sling FYA

Proud Dad and Instructor Johnny with his daughter Chantelle

Packed for Korea

I am off to visit my daughter in South Korea today and Durban Skyye will be there. Check my shirt packed in the bag and watch this space for some rad destinations I will be wearing it proudly in.

A limited number of the first made and good quality embroidered shirts are available for sale at the Durban Skyye Kiosk at Virginia Airport @ R250 ea.

The last few days have been crazy with friends, birthdays, month-end accounts and office stuff before my departure so for those staying behind, happy flying and fly safe.

Margarita time for Kyle, Dain, Dave and Brad

Brad (our Chief Flying Instructor) left, and Brad B (right)

Our Instructor Ian takes a shot on Brad's birthday from the propeller blade