Sunday, December 21, 2014

Runway 23 Virginia

Runway 23 Virginia Airport.. our flight school home base. 23 designates the magnetic compass direction (230 deg ie south west) or heading that you would land or take-off in when the wind is blowing from the south/south-west. 

Durban from the skyye

Our PPL student Brandon took these great shots of the Bluff, Harbour and City whilst doing his pilot's licence conversion from NPL to PPL this week. Brandons holds an NPL light sport aircraft (LSA) licence and Durban Skyye Flight School offers a conversion to a PPL licence which requires an additional 10 hours of dual training and 5 hours of solo training to qualify. If one has not done the PPL exams at the start, these also need to be passed, which Brandon is in the process of finishing now.

Scattered lower clouds, a partly cloudy skyye and clear visibility made perfect flying conditions

Meet our student Brandon who is working for us part-time at our kiosk at Virginia Airport over the school holidays, whilst escaping from time to time for some fun in the skyye.

Nice photo of the Bluff with the city, beachfront and Stadium in the background
Rounding the harbour entrance - a compulsory reporting point before arriving at Virginia Airport - Brandon took this great shot of the Bluff, harbour and blue waters of the Indian Ocean that sweeps past Durban.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Beautiful Skyye

Not every day is a perfect as this but yesterday was a beaut with clear skyyes and some superb photo opportunities as our Chief Flying Instructor Brad and Instructor Kyle headed out along the coast showing some budding pilots what it looks like from 500 ft along the beachfront. Bookings - click on the online booking tab above, or phone Brad 082 820 4840 / Dave 083 7033329.

The Umhlanga beachfront and clear waters

I wanna be a pilot!!

Up and away

Soaring over the Umhlanga beachfont

Monday, December 8, 2014

7m whale shark off Durban

Whale watching is best from our microlights, 500 ft up in the skyye off Durban. Our Instructors Brad, Kyle and their passengers were lucky to spot this whale share this week. Even the lifeguards paddled out to get a better look.

Getting some airtime

Students getting some airtime with Durban Skyye.


Our PPL student Brandon is used to bulking, not shedding, but with Eskom's load-shedding and a PPL exam looming, Bradon had to revert to battery power to get through his studying.

Happy 50th David

David Tilling of Durban was treated to a 50th Birthday flight in our Sling FYA and to his surprise on landing his family and friends had secretly arrived to join him for a birthday welcome. Happy Birthday David, glad you enjoyed the flight and surprise.

Rupert goes solo

It's a big step for a student to see his flight instructor get out the airplane and take the plane up into the sky by himeself for the first time. Here our student Rupert has just achieved that. We are very proud of you Rupert and wish you many happy hours in the skyye.

Matric Celebration

Jess was ecstatic to have finished her Matric and celebrated with a flight along the Durban beachfront with our Chief Flying Instructor Brad