Thursday, November 6, 2014

Brad's students take flight!

Brad's students Mike Atter (above) and Valerie Watts (right) - Mike's just completed his 3rd solo and valerie's on her third lesson on their way to their NPL pilot's licences with Durban Skyye.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First PPL student

Durban Skyye welcomes our first PPL student since obtaining the additional approval from the SA Civil Aviation Authority to offer Private Pilot Licencing (PPL) in additional to the National Pilot Licence (NPL) presently offered by the Flight School. Llewellyn had commenced his training last year and has finished most of his exams and he will now complete his PPL licence with Durban Skyye. We also welcomed our new part-time PPL Instructor Justin who will be flying with some of our students.

Justin welcomes PPL student Llew who is also a part-owner of the Sling aircraft ZDL in which he will complete his training

Llewellyn signs up as Durban Skyye's first PPL student

Carrying out the pre-flight inspection of our Sling aircraft ZDL