Friday, March 7, 2014

Slow process for approval

The process to obtain the formal approval of the Civil Aviation Authority for flight training is a slow and laborious process... in fact we are approaching 6 months in dealing with them and still await the inspection of our facilities and procedures documents to obtain the approval before we can take our first student into the air.
At the outset we have 3 aircraft on register for flight training - a Windlass Aquilla Microlight ZU-CCL, a Safari Aerotrike Microlight ZU-COF, both for weight-shift controlled (WCM) National Pilot Licence training, and a Sportstar fixed wing aircraft ZU-FGC for light sport aircraft (LSA) National Pilot Licence training.
Over 300 pages of documentation and procedures in compliance with the Civil Aviation Regulations and Technical standards have been compiled and submitted. Initially the audit inspection was scheduled for the 5th March but has been postponed by the CAA due to budget and operational shortcomings. So we wait and pay the expenses being incurred without being able to earn an income yet.

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