Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sling 2 Interior

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Luxury is a word that springs easily to mind where looking at the interior of the Sling aircraft. Gone is the mechano-set, sparse interior look and layout of the light aircraft of yesteryear. The Airplane Factory prides itself on the leather coverings offered for the cockpit and seats giving the aircraft a superior look and feel available previously only on multi-million rand aircraft. Colour-coding allows the interior colour scheme to match the exterior paintwork.

Leather seats, panelled sides and choice of dashboard finishes

Typical layout of the seats, dual controls and dashboard

The control panel can be configured to suit the requirements of the owner with either the traditional 6-pack instruments in front of the pilot, or the MGL Efis, and can also be configured with twin Efis instruments for both pilot and co-pilot/navigator placing the other instruments where preferred.

MGL Avionics iEfis

The MGL Efis also comes in variants that include the latest large touchscreen iEfis, or the Voyager series available from MGL. An iPad bracket can also be fitted as well as usb ports or the standard cigarette-holder power point.


Ventilation is excellent with two direct-feed interior vents and for the chilly winter-mornings cabin-heat can be applied.


Safety can be enhanced with an airplane parachute with it's rocket-deployment system for rapid emergency firing and a gentle touch-down in otherwise hazardous terrain.

Luggage and weight limitations

The rear luggage compartment of the Sling can carry up to 35kgs in weight, and subject to the MAUW limitations of the aircraft which are set out in the technical specifications.

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