Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sling 2 Exterior

Sling 4 : Exterior  Interior  Technical  Pricing

The Sling 2 comprises a stressed skin semi-monocoque structure, precision punched from sheet aluminium by CNC punch. Punching is so precise that no drilling-out or de-burring is required. Parts go together much as with a child’s "Mechano" toy. The entire build is light, precise and simple, even for beginners to manage. That's if you're up for building your own from the kit supplied by The Airplane Factory! If you don't have time on your hands or are not technically minded, the Sling 2 also comes "ready-to-fly" and is fully assembled and delivered by The Airplane Factory.

The exterior paintwork is expertly finished with up-to-date spray-booth technology at the factory's Johannesburg base and custom designs and colours can be ordered.

Variations include filling the rivet holes or even flush-mounted rivets to either preserve the rugged metal look or favour the smoother and more streamlined surface of the secondary options.

Customised paintwork

Sleek lines with simple or complex paintwork designs 
Robust undercarriage is standard

Warp Drive Propellor is standard

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