Sunday, May 10, 2015

Our home base

These stunning photos of the Durban coastline after take-off from Virginia Airport, our home base, were submitted by student photographer Marguerite who flew with us in our flight school microlight aircraft this week. Thank you Marguerite, they are beautiful and clear.

The Durban city in the background as we fly along the coast to the harbour

Runway 23 Virginia airport - the line of take-off is 230 deg (south west) which is usually the direction the wind blows from in the morning allowing you to take off into wind for slower take-off and landing speeds
Our flight school microlight aircraft aloft over the city, being piloted by our instructor Brandon Alleson, taken from our second microlight EKO being flown by our CFI Brad Isaacson

The Durban stadium with our two microlights in view

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