Saturday, March 28, 2015

Brandon getting his National Flight Instructor Rating

NPL Microlight pilot Brandon Alleson (back) is learning to become a back-seat-driver ha ha, training with our Chief Flying Instructor Brad (front) for his National Flight Instructor rating. When acting as a flight instructor, the Instructor sits at the back whilst his student is in front. Flying solo you would fly from the front seat. This change of perspective to become an instructor and learning the techniques of instruction form part of the training and we hope to see Brandon in the Durban Skyye as one of our instructors very shortly. 

Brad and Brandon enjoying a unique experience as they were cleared to ascend to 1500ft in the microlight.. "very high indeed and what stunning views of the city", chirped Brad.

Brandon (rear) training to become a National Flight Instructor (WCM - weight-shift-controlled Microlight) with our Chief Flying Instructor, Brad

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