Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Theuns flies

Durban Skyye student Theuns gets involved in the admin part of flying aeroplanes.. refuelling. Our Sling aircraft run on 95-unleaded car petrol so this keeps the costs of fuel lower, compared to the expensive Avgas used by the airplanes of yesteryear built with older technology. The fuel economy is also excellent and the 75l fuel tank can get you to Johannesburg from Durban with 15l spare.

Theuns is trying not to underestimate the force..

Clouds swirl over an uncertain skyye as we find our path back to the airport after some exercises in the Virginia General Flying area inland of Amanzimtoti

The cheapest way to refuel is to fill up with 95 unleaded from your local petrol station. The fuel is filtered with a special electrostatic discharge filer that also takes any moisture or water out of the fuel to ensure a clean-burning engine free of contaminants.

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