Monday, September 22, 2014

Theuns takes to the skyye

Our new National Flight Instructor Dave (left) takes his first Student Theuns on his initial flight at the controls of our Sling aircraft in the skyye over Durban. You too can take you first step towards obtaining your Pilot's licence - give us a ring or email me for a quote -
Thumbs-up from Theuns on his first training flight

Durban harbour and the city from 1500 ft returning from training to Virginia

The cockpit of the Sling with onboard computer and EFIS giving GPS, flight and engine information at your fingertips

Durban in miniature from the Pilot's point of view

Our Sling training aircraft FYA lands at Virginia

Dave who is also CEO of the Flight School enjoys a celebratory glass of wine after his own personal first flight as an Instructor since qualifying recently.

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