Friday, July 25, 2014

Slings Rock!!

This must be one of the greatest Sling pics I have seen.. taken by the Sling USA factory team flying north and east from their home base in Torrance, California, up through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota to Oshkosh in Wyoming, for the world's biggest annual airshow where The Airplane Factory will once again be exhibiting their our Sling range of aircraft - for sale right here in Durban through Durban Skyye, official distributors of these fine aircraft. Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is home to the National Memorial of Presidents which is visited by 3 million tourists each year (compared to the 10 mil that visit the whole of South Africa annually) and it's rare to catch a glimpse of the Presidents by air!

The Sling USA team fly over Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

National Memorial of Presidents in South Dakota, USA

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