Friday, April 11, 2014

ATO Approval

We were having a discussion and I said that most people would have no idea what ATO means and this is one of the problems I have with the aviation world - there are dozens of abbreviations out there which require translation all the time. I prefer to speak in plain English and say that we finally got our Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) approval and certificate today. This means that we can take our first paying customer in the air tomorrow - here's to all future pilots to be trained by Durban Skyye Flight School!! We wish you an incredible training experience with us and many happy landings.

Here's what the first pics look like:

Flight School Chief Executive Officer Dave holds our flight school certificate issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority today.

We are an approved training organisation in terms of part 141 of the Civil Aviation Regulations and will be training pilots for their National Pilot Licence (NPL) and Instructor's Rating in Light Sport and Microlight aircraft.

Come on down to Virginia Airport this weekend and if flying is in your blood enjoy an introductory flight along the Durban beachfront.. you can book online at the top of this webpage, or come on down and I am sure we will be able to fit you in. Our Chief Flying Instructor Brad will be taking you flying in his microlight ZU-COF.

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