Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kiosk takes shape

The kiosk for Durban Skyye Flight School is in the main Concourse of Virginia Airport and we were hard at work this evening sticking the backdrop photo onto the wall. The pic was taken by Brad's brother-in-law, Justin Wright, whilst I handled the controls of our plane ZDL as we swooped over the beaches from uShaka to Umhlanga to get the best view of the coastline and waves.

It actually took three flights at different times to get the best shot and the chosen pic was cropped and digitally printed today to a size of 2,9m x 1,7m to take up the back wall of the kiosk.

We only managed to get the top half stuck down by the time the recommended quantity of glue ran out and I will need to finish the job in the morning before the signwriters arrive to mount the Flight School signage. Watch this space for more pics of the finished work.

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